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Training tools.

Training tools.

Optimise and ease the learning experience.

We create and integrate digital solutions into your training platforms.

We leverage our digital know-how and experience in both remote and on-site training to create digital training solutions that are easy to implement and use. We offer reliable and agile solutions for any time, anywhere, and any device in terms of time, cost, and ease of use.

eBook and flipbook

Train and assess your learners with eye-catching ebooks.
The eBook training materials integrate many educational and interactive features:

  • Videos & Photos
  • Drag & Drop
  • Interactive images
  • Points of interest
  • Quizz
  • Note taking capability

Learning motion designs and videos

We create learning and educational videos in the form of motion designs based on your training inputs (PowerPoint, texts, and illustrations) with the option to add a voiceover.

Learning Experience App

We create applications that are personalised and dedicated to remote learning.

The application can include thematic lessons, video materials, as well as interactive quizzes and challenges among employees.

The application can be linked to your Learning Management Systems (LMS).


We create interactive websites with action points that lets the user go through an immersive experience at their own pace. This type of platform supports the inclusion of educational videos, corporate videos, and project documents on various action points integrated into an image.

For better information retention, it can also include embedded questionnaires and challenges.

e-Training catalogues

We create digital training catalogues with direct links to resources. Training catalogues can be integrated into your LMS, intranet, or SharePoint website.

Formatting of training materials

Our creative services help you format your training materials while respecting your corporate brand identity.

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